This just occurred to me today: I'm getting married on FRIDAY!!!!

Very exciting... very hard to concentrate on tasks at hand. We're having a blast and trying to stay on task.

I don't know what to say because everything that is going on is task-oriented so the only thoughts I have time for are "only x more days" and "can you believe how fast this time is going?" and "It's already time to do last minute stuff!"

That last one is the one that keeps getting me. I took my pill to prevent malaria for the honeymoon yesterday. Yet another marker of the time.

Mark is reconsidering his fashion statement and I'm trying to talk him out of bending to social pressure to conform. I think it is important that the day reflect our personalities and tastes when it's appropriate. If major label designers can do it, I say, so can he. (I wanted him to wear clean looking destroyed jeans with a colored shirt and sports jacket with elegant shoes and belt.) Post on the link to his blog to support me!

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Anonymous said...

I really like the idea to conform to social standards that build a near robot like society. Mindless souls bumbling through this life like the successful requirement of death involves certain goal oriented way points. What is worse is the anti movement has grown trendy, like CEO's on choppers, coverse all-stars and dickies are the new vanderbuilt jeans and members only jacket...we are a society engineered for commercialism, praise the naked bicyclist, the true non-conformist. call me captain red sac next time you see me, I want to see if anyone reads the comments. Love your bro