Sugar Beach is Sweet

Yesterday was one of the best days I´ve had all year. Mark is better... he was starting to get better the day I last posted, but since then he has gotten to the point where he can really relax and enjoy himself. We have had such a blast! We alternate between holding hands walking on the beach, sitting in lounge chairs reading or watching the waves come in, sitting in the hammock by our patio and taking our meals with a beautiful panoramic view. Everything has fresh avocado in it.

We have seen some pretty crazy wildlife. I saw a coati (some cute long tailed rodent) walk past my hammock with a french photographer in tow. I saw a friendly one early that came up and licked my hand but this one was pretty scared (there was a guy with a bikini swim suit stalking him, so I don´t blame him.) We have also seen some very large lizards. I think the bigger ones, over a foot long, are iguanas. A couple were very, very bright green and as big as my forearm.

This has been fantastic. It´s hard to believe that we only have a few more days left. I think we stay here for one more night and check out tomorrow. On the way to the coffee plantation where we stay for the following two nights we are going to catch Monteverde Cloud Forest and a rain forest. The next day we want to see some butterfly gardens and one of the animal exhibits... a snake or crocodile farm, the ¨world of insects¨ or something like that. We already saw some kind of grasshopper as big as my hand.

I wish sitting on the ocean was a career.

More Later...

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patmccowen@att.net said...

Hi M&M: I've been enjoying your blog, spending some energy worrying about Mark's flu but then getting to the good news he is feeling better. I realized I can "comment" and let you know how much I've enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing Costa Rica through your eyes. Enjoy, we look forward to seeing you soon. Love