The more real this whole thing gets, the more unreal it feels. It's a race against time to see how many loose ends I can trim. Nothing left is terribly important - yet I feel compelled to complete every last detail.

My tooth is mostly recovered, so I'm back on the job as a full-time math geek.

I love that I get excited about math. I mean, some people never get excited about anything. At least I have something I enjoy thinking about, even if it removes me from most social conversation circles. ("Here comes Mona. As soon as she starts talking about math, if I do this with my pinkie, ask me to help you find the bathroom.")

Anyway... Eva's here tomorrow. Let the crafts begin.

My friend Tiffany mixes her two interests: math with anthropology. And it works, because ancient societies had numerical systems and calculated complex calendars and stuff. If I can figure out how to combine math with crafts... then life will be perfect.

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