It is so hard to focus on school right now. I have a final in two days and I still need to do the homework for the whole chapter. It just hasn't been as exciting as everything else that's got to be done.

It's just little details now. Everything left is fun stuff. I think what I like the most is that each day when we (Mark and I) work on stuff, it feels so epic. Even doing the dishes feels epic (because at this point even keeping the housework up is part of getting ready for the wedding.)

Maybe it's the vicodan, (for my tooth) but everything feels so surreal.

Yesterday the painter finished our wall, I got all the final numbers to the caterer, finished all the major assignments for most of my classes, got my tooth pulled, and coordinated stuff. Today, I attended my last day of class, set up some food orders to finalize tomorrow, did my household jobs for the week (not all of them, I'm kind of a slacker right now - need a maid,) and my weekend is over. Tonight... homework, homework, homework. (I hope I can concentrate!)

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