Welcome to Costa Rica


The flight was very exhausting (especially for Mark, who is still feeling under the weather) but we made it. We took a very exciting taxi ride to our hotel marking the fact that we are in a foreign place. Our driver was muy rapido.

Luckily my Spanish is coming back really quickly. I'm sort of surprising myself and Mark with how much I can understand and communicate.

Our hotel is VERY luxurious. I was nervous because to get here, we had to drive through a neighborhood where every building had a barbed wire security fence around it... and then we turned the corner to see this huge pillared beautiful building with a big brass statue and gardens in the turn about. Service was so courteous and I felt like we entered a palace where we were king and queen.

Our room has a private balcony with a hilltop view of the city. It was pretty last night, sparkling with the city's lights, but this morning was even better. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains and the flora makes the cityscape worth enjoying over a cup of homegrown coffee.

When Mark felt up to it we walked through the gardens on the hotel grounds. They were huge, with tons of ponds, mini waterfalls and fountains, crazy tropical plants I've never seen before that look fake, and several birdwatching towers (we went up there just to get a different view of the gardens).

Then we went into the restaurant and got some fresh tropical fruit, and assorted breads for breakfast. I felt sorry for Mark for being allergic to pineapple because I don't think I've ever tasted any so delicious.

That pretty much brings us up to date, and it's only 7:00 am. This country is very beautiful. I was worried about driving on the streets after that taxi ride, but today is Sunday and the roads are very quite. In a couple hours, our car rental will be delivered and we will drive up to the Arenal Volcano area. If we feel up to it, we planned on stopping by the La Paz waterfall for lunch on the way. We spend tonight at the Tabacon Resort at the base of the active volcano.

I think I will have opportunities to update my blog regularly while we are away. This is so wonderful. It sounds cliche, but I wish you were here. We could've gotten married in these gardens.

I will say, the wedding was everything I hoped and more. I thought is was very nice. I hope those of you who shared it with us concur.

Mrs. McCowen

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