Weathering the Trip

If you are coming from out of state to the wedding, you might benefit from the following information:

  • It is not that cold here, but we do have some low temperatures in the mornings and evenings... nothing long pants and a good sweatshirt, sweater, or hoodie can't handle. Midday temperatures are in the mid 70s. (Lows can be mid/low 40s)
  • I'm thinking about having games on Thu night, the 15th. Obviously we can't stay up too late, because we have a big day the next day... but it might be fun. If we have gifts we want to exchange, we can do it at that point.
  • I want to know when you are arriving and departing so that I can spread my time out to spend a little with everyone. Please let me know as soon as your travel arrangements are in place. (So I can also help coordinate where you will stay when you get here.)

Love ya,


PS - Check out Angie Debo's books. Particularly "Geronimo."

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