The Speed of Life

It is life's cruel irony that doing something dreadful slows time to a stand still and when you really want to enjoy the high times, they speed along so that you can barely catch a breath of the moment your in before it's gone. This is especially true when your to-do list is 8 typed pages long.

I'm sure I will remember this time in life for a long time... despite the details spinning me by so fast that I can barely pin them to the wall.

Evan and I scheduled Thanksgiving dinner tenetively for January 3. That's sadly the soonest we both have time.

I talked to Brit today. She sounded good, cheery. She starts back into school Monday at her old school. She's a little nervous about that. It didn't sound like she had much going there when she attended before in the way of friends or connections. They're with their mom now, which is great.

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