Weighing In

Today ends the last massage challenge and starts the next. I did my best just to try to stay the same. (I gained 1.7 pounds - close, and I guess it could have been worse considering how much has been going on. Everyone else had pretty much the same month as I did.)

Yesterday was sort of the "first day of summer" for me. It was so enjoyable just to relax a little. I am taking my tasks one at a time, and making time for me. I have to say this out loud so that I will listen to myself.

I want to write something sappy about how awesome Mark is, but I don't want him to get embarrassed. He makes me a better person and I get reminded of that when I have a little more time to spend with him.

I dropped my summer class to focus all my concentration on the Exam. It was looking like my class was going to route too much time away from my main priority. Now I have to decide if I drop the minor altogether. I can take a class on a subtopic I'm not interested in during Fall, but the point was that I like studying topics of Religion that I'm interested in and have them count for something - not because I didn't have enough class requirements already.

Anyway - Off to the emissions testing center with the escort. Cross your fingers for me. That little hooptie is pretty old.

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