I Like Jamie and other significant facts

Jamie is really making me jealous that I'm not trekking with her in Tel Aviv. I would love to see the holy land. I wouldn't mind Morocco and Egypt either.

I have two finals this week and then I'm free, free I tell you (to study further for my big exam.)

My big summer plans include taking a summer course on Buddhism to complete my minor in religions requirement and scrapbooking - tons of scrapbooking. I still haven't scrapped the weekend vacation Mark took me on to propose last July. You might say I'm a little behind.

Speaking of little behinds... we started our second weight-loss challenge on Tuesday. For this one, we are all keeping a food/exercise journal and bringing it to class on Tuesdays in order that others can scowl and tisk. I've never kept one for more than 24 hours. But so far, it is really an eye-opener. I measured out suggested servings on everything and at the end of the day, I only had 850 calories. I guess they weren't kidding when they say portion control and if you read the size of the serving... (I was shooting for 1200.)

I'm starting to obsess about biking. I want those padded gel panties that you never want to see anyone biking in public in, and some of those shoes that strap in to the pedals so that when it's time to stop you can't put your foot down and you crush your elbow into your collar bone and die, and one of those fancy racing bikes with skinny, tractionless and unsafe looking tires. Reason? I like to feel strong. (and when my old favorite clothes fit again, I can start a new retro 90's fashion movement.)

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