Weekend Away

We had a pretty nice time out in LA over the weekend. It was an easy drive Sunday. When we got there, we relaxed for a while, then drove around town looking at neighborhoods that we may want to look at when we move. It was interesting to see places I didn't know were there and see how some familiar places had changed in the 7 years since I lived there.

Monday, it rained really hard. Mark and I went out for coffee and a random drive. We got so lost and ended up in Encino and it took us an hour in rush hour traffic to get back. I thought it was fun, but then I wasn't driving. Then, we went to the ArcLight and saw the DiVinci Code in digital at the dome. It was pretty fun. Mark became ill, so Scott and I spent most of the afternoon talking and driving around again. We went to the obervatory look out, walked some of the trailed. It had stopped raining and the city was so pretty. There was a mist on the hills and the air was so cool and fresh. It felt so amazing to be there. I just like being there. I could sit around and do nothing and be perfectly content there. It's just like that for me. How you feel when you're "home."

When we came back to the house, Mark still wasn't feeling better, so Scott and I ate dinner without him. I highly recommend the restraunt "California Chicken." They serve wraps and sides, which are extremely good. After dinner, Mark started feeling better and I started getting sick. I went to bed and the guys hung out for a while.

We got up early and drove back to the desert before rush hour hit. Again, it was a quick drive. I love taking drives with Mark. It's one of those rare times when people just talk and are not preoccupied with something else. Brittany and I used to always say our drives to and from school were out best times for the same reason. We got subway on the way and realized that we were both still a little sick. I thought about calling in, but had signed up for a 12 hour shift... so I decided to go in because it would be hard for them to cover it. In the middle of the night, I kept waking up so sick that I would regret this later, but it wasn't that bad, and now it's over. I think I'm better.

I have another 12 tomorrow. I am going to appreciate my next check. Last week had 80 hours. This week (so far) has 52 and maybe 60 if I sacrifice one of my days off.

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