Great News for Utah!

Because I have been doing so much overtime, my work is going to let me take extra days off this year to go to the family camp in Utah for the 24th of July.

I will be there from Monday, July 17 to Sunday July 23. Feel free to schedule appointments to hang out if there is something special on a particular day that you would like to try to take dips on me for. I don't know who will be coming with me yet.

For those of you in dire stress over what to get me for my birthday, here is a list of things I would like that is long enough that I can still be suprised about what gets picked:
  • a wireless router to network the PC to the laptop (I have a wireless card on the laptop already)
  • an i-pod (Mark is going to buy one, if you want to pitch in) and a wrist carrying pocket thing so I can use it while I cycle.
  • a large supply of white or black ankle socks all matching style in a nice brand name (ped, adidas, nike...)
  • Guitar stand
  • cute pajamas
  • Victoria Secret lotion (pink or green)
  • Women's Large T-shirt with "Rosie the Riveter" saying "We can do it!"
  • Stuff I like that might trigger gift ideas: art and writing utensils, scrapbooking, coffee, massage, letter-writing, and working out.

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