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I want to figure out one of those feed-things that tells you which sites you visit has been updated. I noticed that Stephanie has been updating. I love to read the new stuff.

I went to bed at a crazy time to go in early and after I made my coffee and got mostly ready for work, I noticed the VM that said that I don't have to go in early after all. I don't know what to do with myself, because it isn't dark outside.

It was, however 108 yesterday. I haven't checked, but it was supposed to be 110 today. This is just crazy. What is particularly crazy is that I'm thinking of getting a bike and cycling outdoors in this mess. It can't be as bad at 5am on my days off. Mark's talking about riding with me. That would be awesome. I am getting some weird looking leg muscles.

I am just studying my little heart out for that test. My flashcard pile now exceeds three inches thick. I have no idea how to shove all that in my brain. Particularly since it is all review stuff that my brain has obviously rejected in the past. Keep on flashing. Progress is being made.

Richard and I are having a pizza party at work for my birthday. I was looking at baby pictures yesterday and found some really cute ones. What struck me is that at a certain age, I look like Aubri. And how pretty Eva was at every age. And how unfair to my natural beauty it was that my hair was in the eighties for over 17 years. I either have a mullet, half my hair drawn into a side pony, or what I call perm-fluff. What were we thinking?

I was also surprised at how many pictures I have doing music: sitting on dad's lap on stage with a microphone, sitting on a chair in a saggy cloth diaper with big old earphones on that are bigger than my head, sitting at the piano at age 2, and so on. It makes me realize that music was always there for me.

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