Quickie Fajita Burritos

10 minutes start to finish.
ingredients are approximate per burrito

1/8 c instant refried/black beans (Mexicali Rose is a good, no-lard brand)
2-3 strips Tyson pre-cooked frozen fajita chicken strips
handful of shredded lettuce (you can buy it shredded, or shred it yourself)
1 tortilla (look for low fat or lard-free)
2 dollops fat free or reduced fat sour cream
Salsa/hot sauce to taste - I use a little El Yucatan Chiptole Hot (very hot but flavory) and some taco bell packets.

It helps if you have two microwaves, like I do. Rehydrate the beans with water for 2-3 minutes until desired texture while you get out and prep the rest of the ingredients. Set them aside and pop in the fajita strips for 2 minutes. (You can start the strips first and do them stove side, but it takes more than 10 minutes start to finish to prep.) Chop the strips into smaller portions and nuke for another minute or so. Heat the tortilla for 30 seconds. Then layer beans, chicken, lettuce, sour cream and salsa, roll and enjoy.

330 total calories / 80 Calories from Fat.

The chicken has so much flavor that it is not necessary to add a bunch of other things... especially the high calorie or high fat choices like cheese and guacamole would be wasted on such a simple thing. This is perfect for days that you don't feel like cooking, but want something with all the food groups and not totally unhealthy (although not exactly good for you either.)

The fajita chicken does not make financial sense as the center of a meal. However, it is ideal if you cook for only one or two and can use it sparingly as a condiment, it goes a very long way. For example, I chop one strip up and put it on my salad sometimes for variety. It helps me eat salad every day for lunch, which would be tiresome otherwise. (That and the million other little tricks I have to spice up an ordinary salad.)

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