Thoughts On Turning 30

OK. This has been the best birthday of all time.

Philosophically thinking, it caused me to take in a huge retrospective of my life and I saw it in a new and unexpected way. I really had a neat childhood. I had some amazing experiences that most kids never get. I had the right amount of challenges and got some terrific coping skills and life skills.

I also feel like I spent the last 10 years really getting comfortable in my skin, living as full and satisfying a life as possible, and pursuing my dreams. I really feel like I have been tackling things that once seemed impossible, and now, everything seems possible and nothing is out of reach.

This has been a very good life, and I am so glad to have lived this long. I hope the next thirty are as filled with unexpected adventure as the last.

I am sharing the pictures of the money I got from Eva and mom, because I think foreign T currency just looks so cool. I am not sharing pictures of me in my awesome new pajamas. (Thank me next time you see me.) They look like something modest enough to answer the door in until you put them on, then they are pretty scandalous. Let's just say, I won't be answering the door.

If I died tomorrow, I could say, "I had a really great life." It's pretty striking to realize that. It isn't often that I take such a sweeping look at my life in order to know. On a daily basis, it is usually so full of responsibilities, tasks, and energy-sucking that it is hard to tell. But, wow. Life doesn't suck at all. The best moments were the most difficult ones. Weird how that works.

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