Happy Scrapbooking Day Randomness

I am so self-absorbed that I keep a Blog, a Journal, a Scrapbook, a Mona's Greatest Recipes Book, and write letters telling people how wonderful I am. It is a terrible side-effect of paper addiction, but one I embrace with a Vulcan death grip.

So, gradually, they are merging a little. I want to print my blog archives into a book using BLURB. And gradually, my journal entries are getting pretty scrapbook-y. Today, I glued a newspaper clipping onto a journal block onto chalked and edged designer paper and fastened it to my journal using sticker letters/title. It's the end of the world and all the alternate universes are colliding into one!

I had a burning question about taxes today. Can strippers deduct breast augmentation on their taxes? It seems like they should be able to.

I'm still studying a little each day with little or no remarkable progress. I'm hoping that I'm like the baby who doesn't talk for a long time and then suddenly just starts talking in complete sentences... but, obviously without the drool, and with math, not language... since I already talk (about myself, see paragraph 1.) I found this great website on options, if you are interested in being very frustrated with figuring out market derivatives with me. Yay!

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