hanging with stephanie

We went to the Lucky Strike for bowling. I rolled the best game of my life, and got a 138! (Okay, I realize that this is pretty sad for an all time high.)
And I found out that you aren't supposed to wear your shoulder strap of your seatbelt under your arm. Apparently, this is enough to get you a ticket.

And Stephanie REALLY doesn't like her picture taken. But she is so cute. I just love to catch the reaction when she realizes that I'm taking one.

I've been looking forward to making this sand castle that I saw some people making before. You drizzle drops of very wet sand to make a bunch of spires, and it looks really melty and cool. While we were at the beach, I started to show Stephanie, and grabbed a handful of wet sand and started drizzling it and thousands of gross small crabby bugs started crawling out of it and swarming all over. I freaked out started screaming and ran into the ocean to wash it off my hands, and everyone on the beach, included Stephanie, was totally cracking up. I was too busy screaming my head off and trying to make sure they were all off me.... it was hilarious. (And freaky.)

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