knotts berry nice

Sierra Side-winder; Stephanie's top selection for "go-again" status.

We got what we came for ~ drenched. Design flaw: you have to scream, ergo water in your breathe-hole.

Stephanie rode Montazooma's Revenge THREE times. And yes, it cost me dearly in bribes. She's not a coaster junkie like me and her mom. But, we are both determined to make her one.

I studied quite a bit yesterday, and again this evening. My test is tomorrow morning. I'm not sufficiently prepared, and I don't want to have unwarranted optimism... but I couldn't help it. I got all the problems I did today right, and got a little seed of warm, buttery hope blooming and waiting to have it's soul crushed in two months (that's how long I have to wait for my results.)

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