stuff that is keeping me from posting

Diet: Counting every calorie and writing it down - three weeks in. This also means cooking. I have already seen some happy making numbers. Let's see it last, so I can have some food-as-a-reward and undo it. Catch-22. And why is it that as soon as you go on a diet, everyone in the world invites you over to dinner?

Exercise: Doing the Global Corporate Challenge. Officially starts tomorrow, but I have been walking to ease my way in. My goal is 10K+ steps per day on average. Basically, you take a virtual walking tour around the world, visiting different cultures by putting in your steps and following a trek. We start in Chile, so for the kick-off tomorrow, I am preparing a Chilean dish for a lunch. My whole department is on my team and we are competing against 15 other Farmers (and our parent co Zurich) Teams.

Study: Test is not next but the following week. Totally not ready. Also, reg'd for a vocational training course, required supplement to actuarial exam - which is the equiv to a college course in three weeks. That starts day after exam. This ride never ends. Sorry, I mean "learning adventure."

Reading: Okay, so I totally took a much needed break from my brain and read the book WICKED in two days. It was really dark, and exceptional. I feel really guilty, but deep inside, I'm smiling.

Summer planning: getting airfare, tickets, etc arranged for our action packed fun. So far, I have my Texas airfare for 4th of July w/ McKay, SeaWorld passes, an annual pass to Six Flags, and cheap seats to see WICKED again with Stephanie. More fun to come... fuh-shuh.


damhandiman said...

look who remebered that a laptop can work well...me he he. I love you check your e-mail.

DreamingDead said...

How much weight have you lost? I have lost seven! Jen