I have these romantic notions of things that are "me" that I have never actually done, like sewing my own clothes and eating organic. So, every once in a while, I try one on.

Yesterday, I started the latest such thing: furniture. I am reviving an old rocking chair. I have this vision of what this poor thing will look like when I'm done - and it is really pretty. But right now, it is just a rotten stack of kindling in my living room. And I don't have any tools, so I don't know what I was thinking, because now I need to have a piece of wood cut. Am I really going to go buy a power tool for one project that I may never revisit again? I don't know. But I really love this chair for what it could be, and I feel like I've come so far...

The adventure started with killing it's residence. It was the home of a BIG black widow and her egg nest. (Had I known this... I might not have put it in my trunk and left it there for a week. I'm pretty afraid of poisonous creatures.) I cleaned, disassembled, stripped, and sanded the chair almost all day yesterday. Today, I window shopped for the fabric I want to upholster the seat with, and purchased the seat stuff. Much more work to do. But I like it (so far) as much as scrapbooking. The only thing is, I don't need power tools or a garage for scrapbooking. And paper is generally under a dollar a sheet. I could have bought a rocking chair already, and the little thing is only about half way done. I guess you pay for the hours and hours of fun.

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