and i smell like one too.

I am 11111 years old (in binary).
There is so much I would like to say about perhaps my most eventful birthday ever.
I will say, "Neener-Neener-Neener" and fill in the blanks for the confused at a later date.
Some highlights that are safe to mention: Aubri Kate and Marissa sang to me the birthday version that I look like a monkey... which was funny, because I had to climb out of a tree to take the birthday call, literally.

It was a really neat experience. For the totally oblivious, I drove out to Arizona to spend the day with Evan and the evening with Jennifer.


damhandiman said...

Hello minisister, how was your day. The announcment is posted and the actual hard copies should be done later this week, thanks to the pics that you took, tell mark thanks as well. I should really just pull out the family directory and start ringy dingy everyone in a row, but this makes more sense. Sorry if I stole some of the thunder out of you getting older and celebrating it, I'm sure we will get the opportunity to celebrate that again. As happen stance I don't think Athena understands that at some point we will be celebrating our anniversery at your house every year. hmmm, that's going to be some fancy cake.

Mona said...

I hadn't really thought of that. What celebrates the anniversary of the making of a family better than a family dinner... for me, the one who did the deed.

HoTt ChIcKa! said...

LOL u should scrapbook that!

HoTt ChIcKa! said...




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