I have been fascinated by people who make little plushies lately. Here's a good example: the monster with a bloody apron holding a meat clever is my favorite. [edit: I am also torn to favor the straight jacket guy with the bar code on the back of his head... okay, they all rock.]
I have some "before" pics of the rocking chair I'm working on.

And I did the SB page for Athena and Evan's wedding. (Go leave a freakin' comment to say you care right now! and then hurry back to see the layouts.) I gave it a "matching tattoo" feel and tried to synchronize with the overall experience they were going for. Try as I might, I could not find blue handkerchief and silver billet paper... which is what I wanted to use. I wanted to showcase the photoshopped center picture - that blended a pretty landscape photo from the location with a B&W posed couple shot... and the hand cut "tattoo" curlies.


A.C. said...

Hey mama! I appreciate your comments on Evan's blog. I sort of check it every now and again to catch up. Im planning on working the Announcements out this weekend, want to get them in the mail on Sunday. Your rocking chair project looks like fun! Hope to year from you soon. I wish you and Mark all the love in the world. C ya! - Athena

A.C. said...

P.S. LOVE THE SCRAPBOOK! ( I refuse to call them crap books bcuz I like them) :)

Mona said...

I already like you. But, now I like you more.