an update of the kids

Is 10-years old this fall! He is a lot milder ever since the fire, but he still can go crazy and chase Kira all over the place. He makes non-cat-lovers reconsider. Mark recently discovered that he has become ticklish under his armpits. Now Mark tickles him non-stop and Kazi hates it, but loves his pets, so he gets really torn about whether to put an end to it. Watching them reminds me of when McKay used to tickle me until I thought I would pee my pants.

Just turned five but she thinks she is still a kitten. In both of these photos she is playing in a shopping tote that makes her insanely happy. Mark picked it up and swung it like the carnival zipper while she was in it and I flipped out and he said, "No, no, she likes it, see." -- and put the bag down. She jumped out and jumped back in and meowed like, "Do it again!"

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