don't smack and drive

I've been thinking about all the dangers of multi-tasking while driving and came up with an invention (patent pending) to address one of the ongoing tasks that pose a risk: Mothers who need to reach into the back seat to smack their child on the back of the head. Now, mothers can purchase my devise, which can be factory installed with a button on the steering wheel that will smack for you - so you and your passengers can be safe.

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damhandiman said...

I remember Mrs. Carter beating BJ with a 2x4 and I don't think it did him any good. They should have a beating your kid hand book or maybe a dojo for sibling assult classes so that people know the right amount and way to raise their kids right. It would of course be written my a large black woman and co-written by a latino woman. We have a lot to learn. The title "Beat don't belittle" will be an best seller and an oprah approved book about raising children Texas style.