Taking Time to Preserve Time

It's really rare considering how much I love to that I actually sit down and scrapbook. However, with Stephanie getting so amped, she keeps wanting some help here or a companion there. Somehow, I've scrapped more the passed few weeks that I have all put together in history.

It's been awesome. On Sunday, I did the hard part of getting started on the Honeymoon. I narrowed down from over 600 photos the selections that might make the pages - that was fun looking at all the pictures - decided on a color theme and decided how I want to story to feel. I reread the blog entries, travel journal entries, and went through boxes of stuff we brought back. (This is one of the things I like about doing this... you get to remember things. - I found a seashell I picked up on Sugar Beach. I wish I had found some chocolate covered cashews but we ate them all and I just found the package.) Afterward, I actually got the first day finished completely. (7 to go.) The pages are probably the best I've done, too. Very colorful and soft. --

And today, I all but finished the Wedding pages. Again, it's neat to look back on the day. Now that the pages are done, I can do that anytime I want.

It's been very relaxing considering that I have only two days left until my test. I'm trying not to stress and study too hard because my brain tends to shut down if I work too many problems in too short of a time. This is a great way to completely take my mind somewhere else.

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