A Little Of Nothing

I haven't written in a while for two reasons:

a) I am very busy

b) doing nothing very interesting.

So, that's the summary for the time-challenged reader.

The more indepth version is:

I made two more scrapbook pages with Stephanie and we are going to have a standing once a month date to scrap at the scrapbooking store on Sunday afternoon. (All friends and family in the area are invited to join us - I'm thinking of you in particular, Jamie.) We're both pretty hooked.

I had my weight-loss challenge massage on Monday. I really cannot overrate the awesomeness of a professional massage. The difference between having a friend rub your back and having a pro do it is like going from riding a tricycle to driving a sprint car.

I was up for 37 hours doing overtime over the weekend. I should have said, "no." (But I can use the overtime to buy another massage!) It wasn't that bad for me, but for everyone who had to deal with me, I'm sorry.

I'm almost all ready to go to school. My first class is on the 22nd. I just need to go in for my books. (I will probably file for graduation at the same time.)

I take my test in 8 days, on the 16th. I'm pretty ready. It could go either way. I'm prepared for the worst. It will be awkward telling people if I fail if I say I think I'll pass. So, prepare for the worst also, just in case. But, still, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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