Try New Things

We are using Mozilla Firefox as our internet browser now. It looks funny.

However, it did get the mini-video on Stephanie's webpage to play. I was pretty excited about that. (Stephanie, your video works... you don't have to take it down.)

Also, I tried a few new healthy exotic-ish snacks:

Roasted Wasabi Peas. So spicy hot that my nose and eyes started running but the heat is gone so fast that I was back for more. I was worried that they would be hard like corn nuts, but they were more like "crispy" than "crunchy" and I liked them.

Dee's Mighty Muffins. I tried the flourless oat bran, sugarfree, flourless, and fat free, but still with a fluffy muffin-ish texture. They were filling and hearty and basically low-cal. (If you don't miss the point and smother them with butter.) You really feel like you're endulging, but really you're just getting your fiber.

Pretzel Chips: Slices of fat free prezel, lightly flavored. Really big on flavor. Great with a dip. Downside is that 8 chips later, you're in for 100 calories. Not counting the dip.

Anyone have any suggestions or tips on how to improve one's concentration or focus? I need to study, but I am having an attention deficit moment every time I sit down. I'm burning low.

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