Graduation Info

Maybe it's a little early for this info, but I am a planner and maybe you are too and want to plan for this.

My Commencement for graduation will be held on Th. Dec 14, 2006 at the Wells Fargo Arena. The event is open and free to the public, but I can reserve space for family to sit together if I know how many tickets to get. I will be getting a bachelors in mathematics with a minor in religion with an honors designation (I won't find out which one until I get my grades back from this semester, but it will probably be Magna Cum Laude.)

I would like to have a little party afterward, food and games.

At some more reasonable point in the future I will be sending out announcements for the Commencement. I am not sending "invites" to my shindig. It's just afterwards and for anyone who wants to come. Let me know if/when you know you are coming so I can order enough food.

This is the cummulative result of five hard years of my life's energy, so I am kind of excited. I think I will not start a masters program for a few years so that I can focus on getting my Associateship designation as an Actuary. (The certification process can require 6-10 years of study.)

I want to buy myself a convertible as a graduation present when the Escort dies and goes the way of scrapmetal heaven. (Funny, that rhymes with Evan. I guess I spoiled the surprise, Ev.)

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