Massage Challege Update

You may recall that three weeks ago, I took a "biggest loser" weight challenge with my spinning class at the gym. The winner gets a massage.

You have to either cut out of your diet or burn an additional 3,500 calories per week beyond your normal routine in order to lose a single pound each week. I misunderstood that this was for two pounds, so I only cut/burn 3,000 calories for the challenge. I already go to the gym on a semi-regular basis, so I don't get to count that and half the week, my diet was already really good... so I don't think I can find another 4,000 to try to meet the challenge goal (8 pounds per month - I don't need to be that aggressive, anyway.)

I decided to stay on the challenge at my 1 pound per week rate (because being accountable to these ladies every Tuesday at weigh-in is good motivation - they actually cheer me and give me woo-hoo's) and buy myself a massage when I meet my personal goals.

I am really getting into cycling. I might even buy the special shoes that clip into the pedal. Mark and I are talking about renting some expensive bikes to go out on the canals before it becomes an inferno. I want to see what it is like on the street, because I am getting competitive, and I could see myself entering races in the future.

So, next week is final weigh-in for this month's prize... I will post my net loss next week. My group has attracted people who want to join the challenge, so we are going to do it again next month for the same prize.

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