Congratulations on your arrival to the Universe, Andon. I have a new nephew.

I TEST in 35 days.

My graduation commencement will be December 15, if you are planning to attend. We were going to have a luncheon and games to follow. I am getting a BA in Mathematics with a minor in religion.

Any out-of-staters planning a Utah trip this year? I would like to go, perhaps coordinate dates with you?

Four weeks of classes left. I expect a perfect report card (as usual.) I'm not bragging. I'm just smarter than you.

I lost 3 pounds in week one of my biggest-loser challenge that my cycling teacher from the gym is sponsoring. I really want the prize: a massage. (I'll need it after all the extra workouts I'm putting in.)

We should do something special for Sade, I'm thinking something scary. His birthday falls on a numerically significant day this year.

I'm late for bed.

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