I can't believe our yum-yum is 5 months old this week. I am pretty much out of the "transitional" stage at work and am trying to carry my weight. I feel very pulled in lots of directions. A few things are falling to the gutter. But, baby is awesome. She just keeps growing and changing like a kaleidoscope. Speaking of carrying my weight (ha ha) hefting the baby caused me to throw out my back. I'm taking it easy with lifting and bending while it heals. But, it really speaks to how fast she is growing.

Our kitty, Kazi, is making a slow recovery. He's still timid, weak, and without much appetite. But, he got his stitches out, his incision has mostly healed over, and he comes out of his scaredy-cat hidey place and chases Akira from time to time. Akira is trying to make a power play for alpha cat while he's down and out and he still has enough salt to shake at her. His blood work seems to imply that no permanent damage was done to his organs and there is no reason why he can't fully get back to normal. He did lose 20% of his body weight, and has to try to recover his muscle and strength on a restricted low-fat diet. I did finally realize the benefit of premium food. His diet of crappy, cheap cat food probably caused his pancreatitis.

I am excited to be going to Utah in 8 days for DJ and Marilyn's wedding. I am probably not as excited as they are, but still... yum-yum and I are going to be able to see and be seen.

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