no rest for mama

I know all of the internet is holding his or her breath waiting desperately for news about how my cat is doing. That's just how Kazi rolls.

I picked him up from the hospital Tuesday night and he has since eaten a little and used the potty... both signs that he is improving. He's still really weak, he lost A LOT of weight while he was sick and he looks like a supermodel. He mainly hangs out in bed, where we wait on him hand and foot, delivering special food or chicken broth (warmed, of course) antibiotics, and love. His incision is healing well, and it looks like he will get his stitches out on Wednesday. He'll be fine eventually, but right now, he sort of looks like he just had exploratory surgery. (Oh, right... he did.)

In other parts of life, I decided not to wait until Zola is 18 and I have stacks of stories and photos piling up in her blog and no time to compile them... so each weekend, I have been using the software from Blurb to create the layouts. That way, when the book is full, I can just upload it and order the hardbound copy online. It is already shaping up to be very cute!

Also, the quest for babysitting help is shaping up. Maybe I will be talking about the break we are getting from having help soon.

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