square root of 3 day

It is the square root of 3 day (3*3=9... 03/03/2009 for those of you who had to have it spelled out for ya!)

It is also FAVORITE LITTLE BROTHER'S ANNIVERSARY OF COMING INTO EXISTENCE!!! Do-Howdy for pinching him out, mom. He has been a never-ending joy and one-man soap opera for Thursday years.

In other news, Facebook is slowing taking over my life. Soon, I will have no use for this blog. Just kidding. Get real! ME? "Bringing You Square Root Of Two Goodness Since 2005." We've come too far together to give up this relationship over some new sexy fling with Facebook. In internet terms, we're seasoned professionals.

As you may have guessed, I've been spending a lot of time trying to find excuses not to study, hanging w/ The Man, and trying to take better care of myself. You know how it goes. Put yourself last for too long and suddenly you realize you're almost out of plastic grocery bags to change the cat litter with, there's no room in the trash for the pizza box, and you're out of paper plates. Mmmm, pizza.

But, you've really let things slide. And despite the forthcoming tremendous refund you are expecting due to accidently paying an extra $300 per month in taxes all last year, I still haven't finished filing them - and it's not like I haven't already bought TurboTax and walked through all the steps. I just have to print and sign them, and it's taken me two weeks!

Oh, and someone Freecycled me a piano. A PIANO! How awesome is that? I think it needs some cosmetic repair, but I'll post pics after we pick it up tomorrow.


damhandiman said...

Sexy guy on a sexy bike. Things are going great, you are ahead of me on taxes and that's my income. Job hunt still just lingering. Had a great day with Mckay and the kids. Really didn't bother me that I didn't get anything done. Love you

Mr Brookins said...

You mean it is Square Root of 9 day? The square root of 3 (another irrational number) is approximately 1.73205.