McKay, facebook

You probably know that my brother McKay is in the hospital. With such a large family with varying degrees of communication, all information about how he is doing and what happened has been second or third hand, and everyone is worried and red-eyed. I have been getting text messages from Kim, and talked to her and McKay on the phone yesterday. Since my info is first hand, and Kim has to leave McKay's hospital room to return phone calls, I have set up a Facebook Group to post any info she sends me and to provide a forum for others to do the same. I chose Facebook because it is private, repecting the fact that he is a police officer and that people might wrongly use information posted about his welfare. And it is collaborative, allowing anyone invited to post photos, updates, notes, prayers, thoughts, jokes, links to news stories, etc. And it has a live feed notifying you if anyone posts anything so you don't have to keep checking email.

If you would like to be invited to join this group, please email me at mona (dot) mccowen (at) gmail (dot) com. If you know someone who may not read my blog and should be added, same thing. LET ME KNOW! People are more stressed when they don't know what is happening and have to speculate.

If you have never used Facebook, you will need to sign up (it's free) and get a user ID and password. If I am in your email address book, it will automatically ask you to make me your friend and this will notify me that you are joined. You can either search for the group 'I <3 McKay' and request to be added or I will automatically add you as soon as I see that you have joined. I will not add you if you are not at least 3nd degree family unless Kim first approves.

If you would like to help me dispense information to the few that are not internet accessible, I can forward text message updates sent to me by Kim if I have phone numbers and for those who do not have text, I would like to start a phone tree.