...Ate the piano that someone freecycled me, so I did not pick it up. It's better this way. I can't play when Mark's asleep, we have no where to put it, and it was going to need some costly repair anyway. So, sometime we'll get a keyboard that I can wear headphones to play, shove under the bed with everything else, and get a warranty for. Ah the bliss of being practical.

In the meantime, I'm feeling pretty good. Things are moving steadily along, if you know what I mean. [Insert the standard comment about being busy here.] Hopefully I will get to study more soon. But, I talked to my VP about how I can't be held accountable if they don't give me ample time to study and he pulled some strings so I won't get in trouble if I fail if I can't take my paid study hours from work. However, there is still time to catch up and pass. My exam is not until early May. Hopefully I will have some good news to share then.

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