The Weekend

We celebrated the 29th anniversary of Mark's existence this weekend. His bro from CA was here, and his Grandma Oma, who just moved here, was on hand. We had an awesome dinner (which I made) and desert and sat around talking and relaxing. The following day, the siblings drove over to check out Gma's new apartment and visit with her for a bit. Then we sat on the couch for 12 hours. It was awesome. Oh, and we ate another awesome dinner (this time Jennifer made it.)

I am working on a take home exam (financial math-bonds) and taking a testing center exam (discrete structures - algorithms and congruence) tomorrow while studying for the certification exam in the breaks. I really appreciated the two days of turning off the brain to hang out with family. I really want to take a few hours and just scrapbook, but I can't. It is too fun and consuming and if I do it at all, it takes over my brain and then I can't study because I am creating projects in my head all the time.

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