I'm o.k.

I think my pity party is winding down on the whole exam thing. I know I played down the chances of passing to everyone else, but inside, I thought I was better than the average test taker and that the statistics predicting failure did not apply to me. So I didn't prepare myself well enough for that reality. -And I didn't continue to study for the next try while I waited for the results.

Then, the next day when I started studying again, I realized that I forgot A LOT! -- The next test date is November 8. Five weeks away and the clock is ticking.

Then, the next day on the way to work, my engine on our older car went out and I had to hitch to work. This means that for the rest of the semester, I have to ride to work an hour and a half early three days a week when time is already premium.

So, I had a couple of hard days in a row. -- But, I pulled myself up off the ground, wiped myself off, and went cycling the other day. Cycling is so therapeutic for me. I was back to invincible by the end of the class. So, I think I'll survive - and I learned just exactly how imperative it is not to stop doing what you love just because it is hard.

I chose this profession because it is challenging and demanding. Because when I pass that exam, I will belong to a very elite club. So, I think I'm O.K.

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