Sedona and Flagstaff

This week's road trip was another burst of cool weather up north. We drove up Sunday, took some pictures up Oak Creek and then drove up to Flagstaff and got a hotel. We spent some time in downtown Flag, which is a really cool little city designed for walking, shopping, and hanging out. We took some cool urban pictures with Mark's new telephoto lens that he got for his birthday and had finally arrived two days before. We were both very tired, coming out of the work week and up all day, so we just sat in our hotel and watched a "House" marathon for five hours. The following day, we drove back to Oak Creek to get some pictures at a specific spot. Just before we arrived, we pulled over to get some shots at a neat place and the lens fell out of Mark's camera bag and tumbled over a cliff and into the river. We pulled it out of the river, but I don't know why. It's a peice of electronics. You can't save them once they've been dunked in a river. After that, we went to the catholic church on top of the red rock and a few other nice spots and took some nice pictures... but the day was kind of marred by the loss of the new lens. We came home, got pity food, and ordered it again.

This is Mark at a really pretty spot by the road just before we lost the lens. I think he looks like an extra on the movie "Flatliners."

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