Counting Weeks

I have 9 weeks until Graduation. I bought my cap and gown and ordered my announcements the other day. This might be more satisfying than preparing the wedding. I could say in contrast, that the only difference between the two is that I didn't have to work 5 years to earn the wedding, but that's just funny.

I have 7 weeks until the next Exam P. I am super excited. I am trying to look at this next attempt as experience for the February testing window, but I am hiding lingering hope that it might do the trick. I just finished my once through on the 123 problem practice test and catagorized the problems I had trouble with and realized that I don't have a lot of weak spots, because they are all falling roughly under three or four umbrella topics. I am very organized about what and how to study. The key will be keeping the rest of the skills fresh while I hammer the difficult topics. However, I am sure that I am on my way to passing... even if it isn't this try.

I have just started a 4 week health kick. I just ate a bowl of cooked oatmeal with flax seed and prunes in it instead of my usual Cracklin' Oat Bran. It was good. My goal is to wean out my extra calories (our schedule makes an occasional extra meal tempting) and add veggies, whole grains, etc. I've gained a pound a week for every week that I've been in school because when time is short, time for health is a tough priority. But, I am going to make it one for the next 4 weeks - and get back to my August weight. At that point, I need to figure out how to keep us from lapsing back into bad habits.

I am dressing up for halloween and going trick-0-treating with Stephanie.

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