month four

I'm sure, Internet, you are thrilled to find out about the sex of the baby. So I must divulge. I'm sure you are just dying in anticipation. But first, let me just say how things have been going.

All downhill... for now. This month has been such a piece of cake. I am rounding out a little bit, with my muffin top growing at proportionally the same rate of speed as my bump so as to just make me look generally round... no basketball shoplifting over here.

I am eating every two hours by mandate of my body... although with the whole muffin top observation, I have started writing everything down so that I will be tempted to pick up "apple" instead of "potato chips."

Here are some random items that I have craved:

  • Fish Tacos from Rubios

  • Dill Pickles

  • Salt on everything

  • Anything w/ Italian tomato-based sauce (lasagna, spagetti, pizza, etc)

  • Salt & Vinegar Chips

  • Potatoes (instant mashed makes a quick snack)

  • Sandwiches with everything.

  • Avocado

  • Garlic Bread

  • Jalapenos
Anyhoo, listed like that -- it does seem to have a pattern: tangy carbs. Mmmm. Tangy. Carbs. Apples just aren't tangy carbs.

I am still looking pretty good. No crazy complexion/pigmentation issues. No swollen limbs. No hair falling out. Pretty much, if it weren't for the failed diet hiding in my shirt, you'd never know. I'd know. It's hard not to notice the change in blood pressure everytime I shift position, the weird sensations, dizziness, headache, etc. Plus, I've started feeling the baby rolling around sometimes when I sit still. It still feels a little like a tummy rumble, but in the wrong place for my stomach. Granted, my stomach HAS moved... up in my ribcage. And those rumbles kind of freak me out because it feels like a heart attack. This has been the month of figuring how how in the hay we're going to pay for everything. I think I have us sorted a little bit. Surely there will be some surprises. But, at least we have a plan.

Speaking of surprises, some people would rather not know the sex before the baby is born. Not us. We had to know. Our doctor is 90% sure we are having a... click here to find out.


Katie & Kevin said...

I am going out on a limb... so you are having a little boy too? Beings how you have votes for boy names only?
You are killing me... just tell me!

Mona said...

Mark said that the link to the answer wasn't obvious enough, because it wasn't a color (the default was blue and I didn't want to give any hints.) I put back the color where you click to get the answer, but there is a hint in the fact that the poll for boy names is now closed.

Lindsey said...

Congrats, that is so awesome!

Debbie said...