weekend wonderful

We took a quick trip up the coast overnight and got a hotel in Morro Bay outside San Luis Obispo. It was so relaxing and incredible to be able to spend so much time with my husband.

We had some nice conversations on the scenic drive, saw some vineyards, and stopped for chocolate milkshakes.

This little country restaurant was so good that we went there for BOTH dinner the night we arrived AND breakfast the day we departed. I bet they have other good restaurants, but we obviously don't care. I ordered the meat loaf sandwich and Mark thought it sounded nasty... and then heartily helped me eat it. It was amazing.

This beach was walking distance from our hotel. I walked down while Mark took a nap the first day and we went together the morning we left... and that time, there was so much beautiful fog that you couldn't see the haystack at all. It was a nice, kind of isolated beach. I found FOUR perfect sand dollars just laying on the beach within 5 feet of each other. A great place for treasure hunting.


damhandiman said...

I forgot to ask you how you did this. I really like your grapic, how and what problem did you use

Mona said...

I assume you are taking about the paintbrush edges on the top photo. I totally stole this image from Mr. Google's Bank of Images. However, it's not hard to do in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 with one of many free downloadable brushes. You just install the brush to the software, size it to the same width/height as your photo, and click to "paint" it in whatever color matches your background so it disappears at the edges. You can even do this as a fade. I think the cheaper, simpler version of PS called "Elements" also incorporates this feature.