Peicing Things Back Together

The big news in my life is that Craftmart is going out of business. Evan has been saying this frequently for over a year (I thought he was joking to torture me, and he probably was.) However, this terrible joke is real.

I went down to get the remaining supplies for my summer quilt project and found the place heavily raided. They were sold out of seam rippers. I exersized an uncanny amount of self control and left only with the things I went there for. I think the discount will go down even further later and maybe I'll get yarn to do an afghan.

There are also millions of creative choices that I hadn't realized even existed for quilting supplies. Do I get the synthetic poly-loft in which of several weights, cotton-loft, classic batting, etc... and there are 20 different products to temporarily adhere/baste the fabrics (do I need any of this, I don't know?), what size needle, what color thread, what type of edging, etc. My project never considered any of these things. I haven't even designed my border and I am sewing it together in the next few days. I think this quilt will look like a "first quilt" (which it is, so that's o.k.) Especially since my red block does not match the rest of the quilt. I am realizing that the planning stage should last longer than I have previously taken. It's a learning process, and I definitely think the next one will be just as much fun and have an even better outcome.

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