Mostly Official

Changing my name has been a lot more work than I thought. I am almost done. I now have all the more important things converted over.

Mark says the least convenient part is that he actually has to read to sort the mail. He keeps opening things, excited that he has a letter, and then realizing that it is for me. It sort of reminds me of this alarm that keeps going off at work. It sounds just like the microwave beeping, so I keep thinking "Oh Goody, Food..." then realization followed by disappointment. I know I didn't put anything IN the microwave, it's just that split second before I think it through. Especially since I've been eating a lot of microwave popcorn since I discovered the single serving size bag.

Exam prep is coming along well. If anyone knows what to do with the insurance limits mathematically in setting up a word problem, I will pay to know more about this. If you are interested in seeing what the exam looks like, check it out. The sample has 150 practice problems. The actual has 30. I need to be able to do one question on average every 6 minutes consistently to answer every question (unanswered=wrong.)

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