I leave for Utah tomorrow. I am taking care of the loose ends and packing today. Very busy. Very excited.

An update from my last post. Following a construction introduction of a sledge hammer, diesel-rig sized cement mixer with a rusty bearing, and Mark also waking up from the noise, we decided not to bother trying to sleep. I called work and told them that due to circumstances outside of my control, I would not be in early, but would show up for my regular shift hours removing the urgency to get to sleep and we went out for chinese food. By the time we got back, things were quiet and we got good sleep. By that time, I think we had a new pool and a new stairwell landing.

It doesn't look good for a completion of my quilt before I leave. I worked non-stop yesterday for six hours and got about half of what was left, maybe less. I will pack today and see what I can do with any time I have left, but I probably will not be getting it basted this trip.

I will post lovely travel notes in the upcoming days. Talk to you later...

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