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Good tip in sharing recipes is to always provide a picture.  I didn't take on, because I was too busy stuffing my face the minute this thing was not too hot to burn my mouth off.  But, they all look pretty much the same, so I grabbed this one -- 

Disclosure:  I am a "throw together cooker."  I'm against hanging out in the kitchen for a long time just to eat a daily meal that you are just going to poop out later.  Special occasions or baking - different story.  But, don't expect a bunch of fresh ingredients and/or peaceful preparation time away from the kids.  That's not going to happen - and yes, I will probably die before you if you are judging me.  But I will have lived less time slaving in the kitchen, so I'm okay with it.  

Okay, here's how you do it.  Put the skillet on the burner and heat some oil, put in all breakfasty ingredients that you might want to sizzle a little. . . onions, trio pepper are my go to.  Then, just start pouring everything else breakfasty in.  Doesn't matter in combination... just have eggs, cheese, and other stuff.  I never go without meat(s) and potatoes in mine.  Stir it up loosely, but don't over do it.  You don't have to beat up the eggs or anything.  Just make sure everything is even in the skillet.  Then, benefits of the cast iron (which you get with some of the fancier 'glass' casserole dishes as well but without the rustic visual appeal) -- toss that bad boy in the oven and let that casserole set up while you go start a fire in the fireplace.  This part is important, because it's getting colder outside, and throwing in one of those paper covered fake logs takes ABSOLUTELY no effort on your part, so there is no excuse to leave this ingredient out.  It's important for the ambiance of the cast iron skillet dish.  You have about 40 minutes to enjoy it before that casserole is going in your mouth.

So, if you are one of those people who has to have very specific directions (take a chance, people!) ... here you go:

1/2 rough cut onion
1/2 cup frozen tri color peppers (I do so love me some trader joes)
1/2 bag of frozen potatoes (the trader joes roasted potatoes are really the best, but I ran out this time and used half that and have those grated ones and whatever, potatoes are potatoes.  Yum!)  
1 lb pre-cooked breakfast meat of any kind or combination.  I like to use bacon, sausage and cubed ham when I don't spending time pre-cooking the bacon and sausage.  But cubed ham is the go-to when it's a true toss together.
2 cups cheese.  Don't be stingy people.  It's not like this is healthy anyway and leaving out a little of the good stuff is only going to make it less cheesy.  So, why do it?
6-10 eggs.  This really depends on how eggy you like the dish to be.  The one pictured above probably used 12.  I'm in the 6-7 category because I like the surface to be chunky, the insides looser bound and to see the more than just hints of all the deliciousness inside.  But, like the rest of these ingredients, who cares.  It's going to be good no matter what you do.  

Things you could add if you aren't lazy: garlic, salt, pepper, (okay, any seasoning you want), ricotta cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, heavy cream... (you get the idea.  If it says "cream" or "cheese" in the title and is NOT Hazelnut coffee creamer it will probably be awesome), fresh herbs, left over pot roast, green chilis or any kind of peppers to put some zing, salsa, chili, those pop-can biscuits (uncooked) chopped into cubes and mixed in, white sausage gravy on top... the options are endless!

The best part is the leftovers.  Try to make at least two times your body weight of this so that you can have it again tomorrow.  Throw that stuff in a tortilla with some guac, sour cream, a few jalapenos, fresh cheese and some salsa and your mind WILL be blown.    

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