We are in the midst of our seventh annual season of summer-fun-a-rama (SFAR).  What is SFAR, you may ask?  It's a goal.  An ambition, say, to see how FAR we can push ourselves with fun for an entire season.  It began back in March 2005, when, for the first time ever, we purchased a vehicle that could drive more than 5 miles without breaking down.  And we have been contributing our carbon emissions at a higher than average rate every summer since.  That first summer, we took a road trip every single weekend.  We saw every corner of Arizona and some of Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and California as well.  Once we moved to Los Angeles, CA, the fun came to us.  We had three amusement parks, a coastline of beaches, family ready to come visit us any time, and no limit to the amount of fun we were willing to crush into a summer. 

I have noticed something alarming happening to our tradition since moving to Ohio... the Summers here seem longer.  The fun seems to have a higher level of quest to it.  The drama and marathon of it all climax to a furried olympian test later in what can only legitimately be called Fall.  Next thing you know, we'll be having All-Year-Round-Fun-A-Rama.  Our lives need respite from fun.  You really can have too much.  I love it while it lasts, but I do look forward to dropping into the couch for a long winter of lazy slumber.

I realize this is a first-world problem.  If I hear myself correctly, I might be complaining that my life is too fun... that I have too many opportunities to exhaust myself in indulging entertainment.  You should really pity me.  By February, I'll be hearing the siren call of SFAR and we will be back at it again.

This weekend, we'll be tent camping in West Virginia.  Feel sorry for me while I'm rock climbing, drinking wine, and enjoying good friends and nature.  Either that, or get off the couch and feel sorry for yourself!

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