This edition of your favorite blog will be about my rent-a-kid, Tyler.  This chica is very photogenic, yes?  She really looks like me when I was a young whipper snapper.

And my other munchkins LOVE her.  She definitely brings fresh air into their routines.  They have someone who can keep up with them now.  And PLAY!  Man, they sure can.

She is very helpful and adding room in our lives for the many things we have going on... painting things, constructing things, running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get "settled."  But, what I didn't expect and am surprisingly warmed by is how full our lives feel now.  They were full before, but full of blah to-do-lists.  Now they are full of fun and the to-do lists still get done.

It is definitely different having a teen.  We've rented kids before, but almost always 18+ years.  Teens have energy, drama, events, and everything is epic.  Yes.  Somehow, even the daily minutia can be epic now.  Everything is just so much more interesting.

And the Summer-Fun-A-Rama never stops.  Check back for more installments in the next couple of weeks... when Brandy & JJ are here and we see Manhattan, Ocean City, MD, Philly, and Washington, D.C. in a break neck road tour.  What?  Oh, and concert in Detroit, trip to LA and San Fran, Cedar Point coaster time, and killer halloween/quadruple birthday bash (JJ, Mark, Tyler, and Zola.)  And that's just the weekends... imagine the daily small stuff to scale... Oh, and over here, we just call that October, people. 


Chana Dawn said...

I'm slightly offended that you like younger rent-a-kids.

Mona said...

I didn't say I like them "more." I just said it's "different." I still miss you! Don't be sad.