4 weeks of home ownership

... buy stock in Home Depot right now.  I'm giving you great investment advice.

I swear, I am there at least four times every day on the weekend and at least as many times during the work week.  I'm breaking myself in half with long burning days of hard physical labor.  And I don't have a whole lot to show for it, except the nickname my neighbors gave me: Roberta Villa.

Mark typically keeps the kids busy while I work on our renovation.  He helps here and there, but is the first to admit that he is in uncharted territory... table saw territory.  And he leaves that kind of dangerous exploring to me, since I've been down here before back in my farm girl days.

What did I do this weekend?

Basically, I built a box frame from 2 x "6" and carraige bolted it to the porch joist for security.  Then I wrapped it in plywood and started the tedious process of trimming it to match my other colonial square porch posts.

Some things I learned: The lumber industry is totally robbing us. Did you know that a 1 x 3 is actually only 1 x 2.275? Same with a 2 x 6. It's more like 2 x 5.4. I'm making a porch post that is supposed to look like the other porch posts, and I can't find lumber with the same dimensions! What a rip! (So mine looks weird.)

Also, because it look much longer than I expected and six trips to home depot, I stopped short of trimming the full box and moved on to building the porch rail.  Because the whole point was to create something to fasten the rail to so that we could enclose our raised porch with safety railing so our babies don't plummet to their deaths.  (Which Viola would love to do, I'm sure.)

Of course, the rail is not finished.  I got half the stuff at Lowes and half at Home Depot, because Home Depot did not have pretty turned colonial spinnets and Lowes did not have nested pre-drilled rail connectors.  As it turns out the two kit systems are not compatible (of course!)  So that's why there is no top rail yet.  It will still work, but with work.  So, now you know what I 'm doing over the work week, besides trying to ready the house to install the new wood floors on Friday.

I have a splinter in my thumb. Boo-hoo. Cry on my behalf and send me a get well soon card.

Meanwhile, we met more of our neighbors and got more history.  Back on Jul 4, 1969, there was a tornado down our street.  That's why the trees are smaller now than they used to be.  I guess a bunch of people died, because it came in off the lake park where everyone was gathered to watch the fireworks.  Also, we have three generations of several families who have lived on this street their whole lives.  We found out that the second generation had all boys, so the street used to be a bunch of young boys playing. But all those boys have daughters, so now there are at least twelve girls under age 4 in the few houses near ours on our street (and one lonely boy.)  I love it!

Also, I pierced my nose.  It's cute.

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