on the table

  • I love that Mark is updating his blog a lot.  I don't need to detail what we've been up to lately, because he is doing a good job of that.  Check my sidebar.
  • Viola learned to climb onto the kitchen table yesterday.  Now she can try to parachute with her diaper to her death from a higher elevation.
  • We have S from AZ as a guest for summer who arrived yesterday.  More fun coming.
  • The bank pushed our home close date again: Jul 16.  The procrastination never ends.
  • Mark and I are buying my mom's house out of the family trust.  If you are a vested interest and I haven't included you in the conversation, please let me know.
Viola is a very happy person right now, so I assume that I'm feeding off of her positive, contagious energy.  I'm so busy and have so many competing priorities but I'm satisfied about what I'm getting out of this hectic life right now more than usual.  Perhaps that is why I was so fascinated by this info I heard about a scientific study on happiness.  These 5 things make people happier:
  • Connect with people and build on your relationships.

  • Be active; Go outside, Get exercise
  • Pay attention to yourself and your world.  Being aware of your world gives you more control over yourself, your expectations and interactions.  Have some quiet reflective time each day.
  • Keep learning.  Feed your natural curiousity and explore new things, skills, ideas, etc.
  • Give as much as you can to others.  Serving yourself does less to build happiness as serving others.


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