I got my birthday bike in the mail today.  My boss gave it to me as a spot bonus / going away present for my hard work lately... I am definitely still earning it.  I've been doing 12 hour days all week with at least a few more months of this ahead.  I long for the good old days on the Catastrophe Modeling Team with a steady, manageable work flow. 

I was thinking about listing all the Summer-Fun-O-Rama... but you should know by now... it's going to be a marathon of unbelievable proportions at our place.  I'll just try to keep you posted on a week to week basis.  We already kicked it off with three road trips in two weeks... Detroit, MI; Wooster, OH; and Pittsburg.  Pictures and details are on Mark's blog (see the link on my sidebar.)

As usual, we'll probably do more in this summer than most people do in a normal lifetime. I hope you enjoy boring Mommy blog posts about road trip after road trip... and stories about babies eating cardboard boxes,

Speaking of which, my bike came in this enormous box... which Viola used to _____ (try to climb on the coffee table to her death with... Of course.)

Oh, and we have a pool at our apartment... last summer I took Z once and thought is was gross and the tile was cracked and I didn't want her to touch the side of the pool because god knows what was growing in there.  This Spring, they completely resurfaced the inside, painted and cleaned it, and got new patio furniture out there... it looks like a wonderful resort down there.  Awesome.  My babies have matching swimsuits and we're going to wear them out before we leave this place!

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