sequel at 20 weeks

I haven't written much about sequel. This is what we are calling baby #2 until we select a name. We have tossed around a few names, but I think I decided not to tell anyone (except Mark) what my final decision is until she is born. I get to ignore fewer peoples' opinions that way.

So, she's about 10 inches long now and I can feel her squirming. For some reason, at this stage when she moves a lot, it feels so strange: like vertigo and starvation and nausea and a swift change in blood pressure all at once. I feel a little guilty, because I know I had more time to talk to, dream about, plan for, and read up on Zola in the womb than I do this one. She is entering a competitive market where Zola has become very accustomed to having the monopoly.

That part is a little scary because Tvisha and Zola have always been very sweet to each other... until lately. Zola has gotten assertive and knows how to push, hit, bite, grab, etc and territorial about everything (toys, mom, food, etc.) So, Tvisha has figured out that she doesn't have to treat her soft like a little baby anymore. Every time they are together it's an episode of earth shattering screaming everytime anyone touches anyone, even with love. I think the thing that makes me cring the most is that our two children will be almost exactly the age difference between Tvisha and Zola, so it's a little like looking into a crystal ball at my life in two years. Let me hit the lottery and get two children who love each other and never fight. (Ha ha.)

Maybe it's because I don't have time to dwell on anything, but this pregnancy has been a piece of cake so far. She's not "on my nerves" yet.

We're having my sister in law here for a couple of weeks and then Caleb will come for a while to help us with childcare and getting everything prepared for her arrival. There is not much to do right this moment, but keeping up with the standard things has become hard for some reason. I have such a wonderful family!

Oh, and Zola is feeling better. She had a high fever, double ear infection, and high-pitched scream all last week and is on antibiotics and back to her sweet, happy self.

edit: Even my posts about sequel are about Zola.

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deb-bot said...

I am so excited for this little sequel because then I can see how to handle two kids vicariously through you. I got your messages through facebook (I don't have internet and suck at facebook), and I like the name you mentioned...but I am with you, I didn't even tell my mom what we were naming Violet until I was being wheeled into the operating room. Glad the pregnancy is going smoothly.